Site Plan

Now home to over 50 businesses, Highbrook sets an
integrated business town in one breathtaking development.

Highbrook shaded aerial 0916aerial view looking north east View Gallery

With a developable area of 107 hectares, the estate is expected to accommodate over 500,000 sqm of commercial and industrial space in a master-planned and award-winning environment.

Highbrook’s award-winning landscape was the creation of Peter Walker, one of the world’s leading landscape architects. His masterplan design won the 2003 Analysis and Planning Honor award from the American Society of Architects. The estate incorporates consistent architectural elements and a sustainable design philosophy.

A wide range of recreational activities can be enjoyed at Highbrook. The park's 12 km walking and running track offers stunning coastal views of some of Auckland's defining features, including One Tree Hill, Rangitoto, the Sky Tower and Mount Wellington.