Life at Highbrook

People are at the heart of Highbrook's philosophy.

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Businesses flourish when the people who work in them are well-served, and Highbrook delivers on every front.

Top quality, state-of-the-art business premises are exceptional places to work. Highbrook's meticulously kept commercial grounds and 40 hectares of beautiful parkland allow people to take a refreshing break from the demands of work, while its on-site services - banking, a post office, recreational areas and childcare - take the stress out of everyday tasks.

Meeting friends or colleagues is a pleasure at Highbrook. With the opening of the estate's new retail and entertainment hub The Crossing in October 2013, the complex brings people together in one vibrant and prominent location. The Crossing serves as a focal point for the park's growing community, with a mix of stores, bars, eateries, entertainment areas and accommodation options that encourage people to get together and recharge their batteries.